'A Dame Warrior', watercolor and colour pencils on 6cm x 7cm paper.
'A Perfect Date', watercolor, ink and colour pencil on 7.7cm x 5cm. 
£49 - SOLD
'A Fishy Card', watercolor on 3.1cm x 8cm.
£55 - SOLD
'Why be Good?', watercolor on 7.7cm x 7.9cm.
£63 - SOLD
'A Mystery of a Bent Fish', 6cm x 7cm watercolor.
£60 - SOLD
'A Sprouting Vision', watercolor, glimmer paint and pencil on 6cm x 7.8cm, £65
'The Colours of Wet Sorrow', watercolor and glimmer paint on 6cm x 8cm paper.
£45 - SOLD
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